Being a father changed my life forever, I am so grateful for the ultimate gift my wife “Alicia” gave me, the gift of fatherhood. I have 3 amazing smart and sweet boys Ethan, Ezra, Elijah. I am forever in her debt.

Now over the years I have had some struggles, the usual stuff life throws at you and, some other struggles that were accidentally self-inflicted. I realized that I had to take control, make wiser purchases, and stretch my dollar the best I can. I want to provide my family with the best, but in the most smartest and affordable way possible. The one thing I realized is that it takes time to do research, and time is money. I want to save you that time. It is more important now with rising inflation. Now the cost of everything is going up accept wages, and it has become a struggle to look for good deals for anything the family or you may need. I am also in sales and working with my customers is a privilege, I always work hard to find that win-win scenario. I don’t just want to make money out of the expense of a bad decision one of my customers could make. I don’t want to earn their business just to get a one-time purchase, I want to earn your trust. I am not just trying to sell a product I am selling the best version of who I am and the kind of person I want to be. I know if I earn your trust, by being transparent and honest with you, you will come back and keep coming back.

Look I am not a father who knows all the answers to fatherhood that can just dish out advice at any moment, I am learning as I go, nor am I here to try and get you to buy anything you do not need or want. I do recognize a struggle that all fathers have, and I truly want to help in the best way I know how.  
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