26 May

Image Credit to Amazon

Look, a well-rested man will make better choices throughout his day, but a well-rested wife will make life much easier and happier.  I know that a good mattress can be expensive, it just is.  Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil.  You work too hard for your money, and to throw it away on a mediocre mattress so you can save a few dollars is the most expensive thing you can do.  

Granted, there are some exceptions and circumstances that you just can't do it. I totally understand, I have bought really cheap mattresses in the past, and were great temporary solutions. As for my goal, I would love for you to use my Amazon link below to buy a mattress and it would be great and welcomed.  My real goal is to plant the seed in your head to break the cycle of always going for the next cheap mattress and push yourself to get the mattress you and your spouse really deserve. 

You just can't look at the price and say that is too expensive, you have to ask yourself what this will cost me in the long run.  I have a Tempur-Pedic Hybrid mattress, it's an older model but I bought that mattress in 2017 and it is still the most comfortable and best investment I have ever made. I weigh 272lb plus I am diabetic, and I just always struggled with the bad circulation of my arms, and they would fall asleep on me, and I would wake up in pain every morning especially on days I did not eat right the night before it would be worse.  After the first week of sleeping on a Temper/ mattress that problem literally went away.  This mattress does not cure illnesses but it's a great tool to have when you have bad circulation and a bad back. 

On most things, I have no problem recommending items that are of decent quality at a good value.  When it comes to sleep... no, you need to make the effort to save and buy a quality mattress.  I cannot recommend you go cheap on this one, if I did, every night when I go to sleep my pillow would say to me, "Culero" That means a**hole in Spanish.

 The image above is the actual mattress I bought in 2017. Usually when you hit the 6-year mark a mattress no longer feels like it did when you first bought it. That is definitely not the case with my mattress. Best decision of my life.  Every father and mother deserves at the end of the day to have great sleep.

Here is the link to be directed to Amazon...  https://amzn.to/41y34Gc

By Israel H