26 May

 When it comes to shoes, leather is the clear winner. Whether you're looking for durability or comfort, high-quality leather is your best choice. It has the unique ability to flex and shape your feet while maintaining its structure for years to come.  the next 5 shoe brands are great in cost & quality. 

By Israel H.

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1. COSIDRAM     

What I love about these types of shoes is other than the clean modern look I do not have to be tying my shoes. lol!


Dressy, good-looking, breathable sneakers mixed with leather fabrics and rubber soles, what more do you want in a shoe?

3. Skechers    

This brand has a special place in my heart, I remember my first pair of Skechers, I ordered them from a cartilage in the early '90s and they would always last me for a long time. I remember everyone where i lived had never seen them before and i got so many compliments.

4. ZRO      

Men's Lace Up Formal Modern Oxford Dress Shoes.  These shoes are super classy and I highly recommend, overall great reviews on Amazon and I love how they feel. The best part is you got 3 colors to choose from, black, blue, & brown.

5. Timberland  

What can I say about Timberlands that you more likely already know? Super great quality, a comfortable feel, and an amazing look for hiking work or day-to-day use.

This one is my favorite brand, Number 1...

Gatsby Shoes      Use my Promo Code to save ISRAEL03575    

They have 3 color options super comfortable feels like a sneaker looks like dress shoes, I just love them.